Instructions from Jesus in Our Personal Lives

                Do you ever consider the instructions that Jesus gave to His disciples as applying to your personal life?  Consider His instruction to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness first (Matt 6:33).  Have you ever tried to seek His kingdom before you seek your own gratification?  Our tendency is to think that instruction is meant for ministers (pastors, missionaries, and evangelists), but it was meant for all of Jesus’ followers.  He wants us all to seek His kingdom above everything else.  That may not seem possible because your current job does not allow you to be “openly religious or Christian,” but it’s not impossible.  Rather than think about what you cannot do, let the Spirit guide you into what you should and can do.  Living a life devoted to Jesus and His kingdom, can take many forms, and can be accomplished through many vocations.

                Paul told us in Col 3:23-24, that we are to do our work as if we were working for the Lord, not men.  This is because it is Christ who truly rewards our labor.  In other words, your boss may sign the check, but Christ ensures that the company is still there, the funds exist, and the food will be plentiful enough for your money to buy it. 

                So how does one put this into practice?  This may sound like a simple Sunday school answer, but it’s not; pray.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you at work today to work for your employer as if for Christ.  Pray that you will serve with a glad heart.  Pray that you will remember that Jesus is your real boss (Lord).  Then practice walking in His Spirit as Paul tells us in Gal 5:16.

God bless you, I pray you have a Christ-centered, Spirit-led, ministry-laden workday.