Still Under Construction

      As I have been working on this website on behalf of the church, I am confronted with the thought, "how many of us realize that we are also under construction?"  Many times, Christians tend to think that they have it all together, or try to convince others that they do.  This is unfortunate for them, and for the church, because it's that kind of thinking that plagued the Pharisees (the group of religious leaders who opposed Jesus).  If we wish to avoid being a hypocrite as the Pharisees were, then we must realize, as they did not, that we are all still under construction.  Jesus is still working on all of us who believe.  As Paul wrote in Philippians 3:12, we have not obtained perfection yet, but keep pressing on, striving for a life that pleases God. 

     Do you realize that, like this website, you are still under God's construction?  He wishes to work in your life, change you from the inside out, and help you to live according to the name by which you are called (Christian="little Christ") .  Let Him work in your life; don't think you have everything perfected.  When you encounter someone who is obviously still under construction, remember- We are all in need of His gentle correction, guidance, and instruction.