A Sample Sermon by the Author Using the Titus Project Method

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Romans 12:17-21

In this example sermon, you can see several of the elements in the process at work. The introduction points back to previous verses and elements within Romans which relate to the current passage. It also explains what the congregation can expect to learn in the current passage.

In the second section (v. 17), verb grammar comes into play. An imperative verb (command) is present, which is a reminder that this is not a suggestion. There is also an application question which is directly related to the message of the verse, “Have you been paying back evil for evil…” In the second part of v. 17, an explanation of the word “respect” is given in order to explain what it means in the passage. The acts 4 portion was a paraphrase leading into a reading of the key portion of the passage. Then, the 1 Corinthians 9 passage was a reading with a brief exegesis.

The v. 18 section demonstrates an application in the form of a challenge to those who think they have “done all they can to be at peace with others.” It also has an application question which challenges the audience with the same issue.

On the second page, at the end of the discussion of v. 20, the bridge from ancient to modern is crossed. Modern enemies are not often in need of food or water, but they likely have other needs. Then, at the end the gospel is addressed and offered in addition to its mention throughout the sermon. If you have any questions, please contact me at titusprojectmethod@gmail.com.