AnnaLee's First Post

Hi!  I'm AnnaLee, the resident “pastor's kid” at Pine Hill.  Dad asked me if I'd like to have my own blog, so I'm helping out on here!  This week is VBS here, so we've been very busy.  I've had a lot of fun this year because it's my first year in youth.  We're learning about Paul and his adventures.  At one point, we were talking about how God created fun.  I was thinking about this, and, being a dreamer myself, thought, "God must have the WILDEST imagination!"  I have ferrets, you see, and I call them my “furry Snakes”.  Who but God could have imagined anything NEAR my Ferrets?  God is one of my favorite people because of his creativity and love of irony!  (After all, who invented Irony in the first place? hmm?)  I love playing with LEGOs because it's like I'm creating my own Universe like he did.  (I'm glad he invented LEGOs in someone's head!  The world would be less fun without them!) Jesus liked to have fun too sometimes!  He liked to hang out with his friends like I do.

Well, I have to go, Bye!